Katze mit amazinGRACE geheilt

Manuela Herbert aus München hat eine Katze mit amazinGRACE geheilt. Sie ist eine Absolventin der amazinGRACE® Ausbildung.


Manuela practices amazinGRACE and also teaches the method at the École San Esprit in Bavaria. When she visited friends just before Christmas last year, she learned that their cat was very very sick. The vet could not find a cause and therefore could not help the cat so they suggested to put it down.

Manuela decided to try her best to save the cat. She took a video to document her results. During her visit she treated the cat twice. It got better and they decided to give her some more time and see if she might even recover completely. Manuela treated the cat one more time during her next visit in January and in February the received the news that the cat was now super healthy and happy again!